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We need a Fire Suppression System, because people always matter.

The Little Theatre has been a huge part of the lives of so many people during its 75 year history. 

We belong to the community and we’re asking for your support.

When the Little Theatre building was built, a fire suppression system wasn’t available or required. 

Due to the age of our building, we have been "grandfathered" in regard to this area. We've always

taken precautionary measures in case of a fire

We work hand-in-hand with the local fire authorities, but would like to bring your theatre up to

modern standards.


Sprinklers save lives, reduce the risk of damage, reduce insurance premiums and are historically

low maintenance and we are raising funds to install a fire suppression system throughout the theatre. 

We've never had a major fire event, but we take the responsibility of our patrons and volunteers safety

seriously. The National Fire Protection Association has no record of more than two deaths in a fire

when the building had a functional sprinkler system in place.  


We're asking for your help.  Please consider giving the the Fire Suppression Fund today.



We would like to thank the very generous donations from the following organizations for their contributions toward the Fire Suppression Fund:

  • Blue Mountain Community Foundation

  • Wildhorse Foundation                  

  • Bonnie & Clifford Braden Foundation           

  • Mary Garner Esary Trust

  • Nelson Irrigation                           

  • Milton-Freewater Area Foundation             

  • Art & Clara Bald Trust

  • Yancy P. Winans Testamentary Trust                                                                   

  • Doyle Electric 

  • Pacific Power Foundation                             


For more information and to find out how you can help, please contact Mikki Jones, Managing Director at 509.876.2316  



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