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Parking & Wheelchair/Handicap Accessibility

Parking 101

Here are a few things to keep in mind when attending a performance and parking your vehicle.


Our parking lot is not big enough to accommodate all patrons in attendance of a performance; therefore, street parking is necessary.  We ask that you be kind to our neighbors. Do not park on lawns or block driveways. Most of the time our neighbors are very gracious, but they have been known to call and have a car towed which is blocking their drive or parking on their property.  


Steer clear of the fire lanes: The theatre has two fire lines - one to the west (front) and one to the east (rear) of the building. They are identified by orange cones and in the front with additional signs.  These are mandated by fire code. When you park, please make sure you are not blocking a fire lane or parking in the fire lane. If emergency response is required, the responding agency may call for a tow if the fire lane is blocked. (And yes, we have had an ambulance called to the theatre during a show!)


Note: you will see vehicles parked to the east of the rear fire lanes.  That is a production park area and those cars are outside the zone.


Wheelchair and Handicap Entrance

The summer before our 2010-2011 seasons Eagle Scout Shane Roach and contractor Larry Bayman volunteered their time and expertise to build the ramp on the north side of the building (side that runs parallel to Sumach St).  Thanks to their hard work the Theatre has a wheelchair-accessible entrance.


Other patrons, who have their tickets in hand, are welcome to use this entrance. Many who find walking up the stairs in the front entrance or who have walkers find this entrance to be very helpful.


The entrance will be opened 30 minutes before and closed 5 minutes before show time.


We do have 1 spot for a full-size wheelchair and have a companion seat next to it.

The wheelchair seat and companion reservation has to be made through the box office because of the limitations of our ticketing software.

If you use a manual wheelchair and can transfer to a regular seat, starting in season 2023-2024 seat C16 is a swing seat that aids in this type of seating.  An ushers will be happy to help you get to your seat and put you wheelchair or walker to the side.  

Please Note:  we apologize that at this time there are no restrooms accessible by a wheelchair.  Restrooms are on the lower level of the building and only accessible by stairs.


Wheelchair Unloading/Loading

At the east end of the sidewalk in front of the loading door there is a parking space reserved for wheelchair vans. This parking space is designed to allow easy access to the wheelchair-friendly auditorium. Directly next to this parking space is a loading/unloading space. We ask that all of non-wheelchair patrons observe the “Wheelchair Vans Only” sign and not park in this space. 


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