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King Arthur's Calamity


King Arthur’s Calamity” is an Upstage Teen production set in Camelot just before Arthur becomes king. The old queen would like to retire but she wants her successor to be worthy and good to her people and not, if you please, the very ambitious Earl of Nasty. Merlin the Magician is instructed to determine who shall be the new king. Of course, he brings forth the rock with a sword thrust into it. The person who can pull out the sword will be king. The Earl of Nasty tries and fails, but young Arthur, a page, easily extracts it. Then the Earl of Nasty locks Arthur in a dungeon but…it's just not that easy to fool Merlin!  This production invites students to be involved at every level; actors, costumes, set, etc., while being guided by long-time Little Theatre volunteers.

Production Information

Rehearsals: Monday-Friday, July 24 - August 3, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Performances: Friday and Saturday, August 4 & 5, 7:30 pm 

Admission: $12, festival seating


These creative opportunities are made possible through community grants (Walla Walla’s 100 Women Who Care, the Sunny Day Foundation, ArtWalla, and Exchange Club of WW), and a partnership with The Finch.

For more information, call Kate at 509.301.8000.

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